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The First Novel in the Series


1588 Scotland. 

On the otherworldly island of Mull, the fierce MacLean clan still
hold close the secret of their ancestral fire. Accused of witchcraft,
the chief's daughter must come of age and unite with the power of
the last ember to become Ard Bandraoi—the Fire Seer—to save her clan.
The Scourge of Scotland gives her a brutal choice: marry him and 
accept enslavement, or her clan will be savagely ruined and face death at the hands of the Inquisition.

Beth tries to ally with her potential saviours: a crew of wounded 
Spaniards and the enigmatic and haunted Captain of the destroyed Spanish Armada washed up on her shores, whom Beth knows from shining dreams emblazoned with rising hope. 

But as Beth's inner Flame grows, it is seen by the Sul Olc Clan, the 

unseen dark dynasty controlling reality from the shadows. 

They approach. To put it out. 

the first novel


The first novel in the Embersongs animates one of Scotland’s most intriguing mysteries—the untold story of the Spanish warship stranded on the shores of Mull. Allying themselves with the fierce clan MacLean in an interdimensional war of flame, darkness, and impossibility, the mad captain must unite with Beth MacLean, the Fireseer of Mull, in order to create an ancient weapon to neutralise their most ancient


The Enemy



Primordial, evil, replicating itself across time as shadow, snake, and power, the Súl Olc Clan claimed the world and suppressed all who carried the Sacred Flame.


Reality is dark:

they keep it that way.

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The Fire Seers

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Members of the fire clan, the secret revolutionaries hidden across time and space, marked by the Sight, the Wing and the Flame.

Their light: stamped out by the Súl Olc Clan who enslave—everything. The Fire Seers must rise and defeat the ancient foe who has controlled them and Earth for centuries.


Beth will lead them. If she is brave enough to claim her power—to love.

The Untold Story
In The Beginning


Once upon a circle of time,
the One Ring that encompassed all things,
the Fainne Mor, rang out Harmony across existence

In the light of this song grew the glowing Tree of Life,
connecting all beings,
and flowing within its branches and leaves was
the Fire Sap—
the luminous flame of Soul

This Shining Tree grew fertile and true
in the age of myth and magic
and the Dragon Ma curled around the roots
kept everything alive with the sustenance of her body

and with the Starfire in her blood
she spun the threads of destiny
and stretched out strings of red and gold
fastening them under the Hall of the Moon

Her Web of Wyrd wove all beings together
as one family of light

All was well within the One Ring—
Elfhame, the Realm of Oneness
All things vibrated in love
All shone in the sound of creation

Until one day dark, for reasons mysterious and vast,
the Shadow was born

and when it grew to size this Ancient Enemy
struck the Tree of Souls—with a word spell—
that shattered reality into infinite pieces

The Great Tree fell
The Leaves scattered
the Roots began to die

The Soul Fires divided from their Source,
cut off from the Tree, from the Ring—
and from one another

The Shadow became a tribe of dark sorcerers,
the Súl Olc Clan

They poisoned the Dragon Ma,
subverted her power to their agenda,
and as she fell asleep into their dark world,
the Starfire in her blood went out

Centuries of suffering and pain
cycled across the Earth

Enslaved by the dark reality, the humans forgot their light
The Starfire in their blood went out
The ancestral fires faded and within their hearts

In the darkness that settled across the land,
all that remained was
a tiny glow

In the hearts of those who Love
In the sleeping Dragon Ma
In all who Keep the Light

In the Fire Seers

The Fire Seers are those who remember
the original Flame they once were

And now after centuries of suffering the Dark
It is time
To awaken the Starfire in their blood
To re-light the embers—into a flame of unity
within the Family Tree

But the ancient enemy has held sway for centuries
the Fire Seers are few,
and the embersongs are all but forgotten...

In the light of this song

grew the glowing Tree of Life

connecting all beings

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