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O'ran Ruadh, antique restorer and woodcarver turned writer, spent the last 3 decades researching his Celtic ancestry and mythology.

Born in Perth, Scotland in 1968, O'ran was brought up by the River Almond near the gravestone of the legendary Oisin, a stone's throw from the Pictish capital of Alba, where the Pict-Sídhe Cross of the Red Sun stands tall.


O’ran was captivated by a story his relatives shared about the defeat of the Spanish Armada when a war-beaten ship anchored off the coast of Mull in September 1588—and the story never left him.

In 1994 he travelled, living for a spell in Berkeley California, attending author talks, multi-cultural gatherings, native pow wows and sweat lodges. 

He lived life to the fullest, traveling all over Turtle Island and visiting the pyramids of the Maya. He studied Mayan, Hopi, and Lakota knowledge and prophecy, all of which nourished his own Pict-Sídhe, Norse-Gaul, and Anglo Saxon roots.

Upon returning to Scotland, his research and insight led him to create EMBERSONGS, based on ancient Druid teachings of the red sun born through parthenogenesis.

Through a series of synchronicities, he realized the embers of his study were encoded within the Celtic Cross on the Chi-Rho page from the Book of Iona, a magical book created 1200 years ago on the mysterious isle off the west coast of Mull—not far from where the Spanish ship anchored in 1588.




Sarah Berti is a mythmaker using multidimensional tools to tell stories touched by the numinous.

She is the founder of Bright Leaf Literary and offers world-class ghostwriting and editing for novels and creative work. Her Helix Library project is a multidimensional collection of literature, games, experiences, spoken word, NFTs, novels, and art exploring the process of becoming human.

Trained in English Literature at Trent University and Outdoor and Experiential Education at Queen's, Sarah is the former director of Mulmur Hills Camp and Camp Prospect and has taught special and outdoor education in various roles including at Norval Outdoor School and Mansfield Outdoor Centre. Specializing in program design for both children, teens, and neurodivergent humans at summer camps, Sarah's facilitation focus was the intersection of games, storytelling, breathwork, heart coherence, and the wilderness of the Real.

Her recent poetry has been published in Reliquiae Journal, RIC Journal, Mythic Circle, and Luna Arcana. Her rich media spoken-word poem Things to do if you are the Air sold in 4 hours for a record-breaking 1.8 Eth on Foundation as her genesis NFT. She can be found in Heartwood, her off-grid sanctuary in the Precambrian wilderness of Ontario, Canada, under the stars.


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